About Me

Hi, I am Femke, a game artist and illustrator from the Netherlands and I have been drawing ever since my parents first bought me pencils. I started off my career as a comic book artist at age 10 when I published my first comic book. At age 12 I mastered Photoshop and I continued making digital art. I am currently in my 3rd year at NHTV University studying International Game Architecture and Design. My experience in comic book art has proven to be useful in the game industry with my role as concept artist and art lead. I mastered a various amount of art styles and techniques and I am very driven to improve my skills even further. It is my dream to work for a great animation or game company someday.

I enjoy creating entire fantasy worlds with all kinds of captivating characters. My head is so overflooded by ideas that I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Usually I document all the ideas in my sketchbooks with a lot of scribbles and notes, preferably utilizing the space of the page to the maximum.

And yes… I am a dog lover.